The purpose of this page is to acknowlege the efforts of the people that contributed to toMOTko and to give them credits. In no particular order:

Thanks to the author of "Private Emotion". I believe that the main picture of toMOTko comes from this japanese anime. I found the image on Google Images if I remember well. I modified it slightly. I didn't ask permission to use it but as I don't make any money from toMOTko, I don't think it matters much. If it's a problem, let me know and I will stop using it.

Thanks to developers of ZTen, ZBEDic and Sketches of Q. Their code was very helpful to understand some less documented parts of the Qt/Qtopia API.

Thanks to 456 BEREA St. from which I borrowed the code for the layout of the web site. It's very simple but does the job.

Thanks to Christian Varga for translating the application in German and his help for creating deb and rpm files on Linux.

Thanks to Yuk-chan for her help in translating the application in Japanese.

Thanks to Thomas Raschbacher, johnx, Hokir, feydrutha, Rugne, lukash, Paolo Milani, Filip Van Raemdonck, Mustali Dalal, Mikko Vartiainen, and others for helping porting the application to Maemo Diablo and Fremantle.

Thanks also to the users of toMOTko that reported me some bugs or suggested interesting ways to improve the application (especially Scott Wallace, Ed Halley, Kurochka, Koan, Constance Casper, Thorsten Stolper, NTMH, Iwan Santoso, and Matthis).

Thanks also to johnx, zakkm, shin, yerga, Mikko Varriainen, Mustali Dalal, and other members of the Maemo community for their comments or technical advices. Without their support, toMOTko would not run on Maemo devices.

Finally, thanks to TrollTech for Qt and Qtopia, and of course, Sharp, for the Zaurus!